What's the Point | Tim McDonald

August 11, 2014 7:33 PM

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What if we didn't need to "make a point"? Every time I sit down to write, I start thinking of a topic. That's the easy part. Then I start asking myself, "What do I want people to take away from this?" That's when everything falls apart, or as I really feel like saying, turns to sh*t. Frustration takes over because I could drive myself nuts thinking of how to phrase my words perfectly so that the majority of people will walk away with the information I want them to have.

Meaning is Personal If there were sound effects, you would be hearing the needle scratch across a record right now. Why? Because I am not a content marketer. I am not a marketer. I am not here to tell you what or how to think. I am here to create. I create something that means something to me. A pla...

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