What’s the difference between Isis and Saudi Arabia? It’s a matter of degrees

August 21, 2014 2:34 PM

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There are now thought to be more British-born members of Isis than there are Muslims in the British Army, leading lots of people to ask how they could hate us so much. After all, we did everything right: we imported low-skilled migrants from among the most clannish and socially conservative societies on earth to do badly-paid industrial jobs that were disappearing, ensuring their children grew up in unemployment; then we taught those children that our culture was decadent and worthless and our history tarnished with the blood of their ancestors; then we encouraged them to retreat into their religion through financial subsidies to the most openly sectarian and reactionary members of their community. What did we do wrong?

Ironically this new Brits-on-tour army has managed to do what no one has done for about 1300 years – unite most of the Muslim and Christian world in opposition. And no one is more opposed, ironically, than Saudi Arabia, which has beefed up security on its border and is engaged in various way in dest...

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