What's the Best Broadway Can Be?

February 9, 2015 7:08 PM

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What's the best Broadway can be? That's the driving question asked at the fourth annual TEDxBroadway conference taking place in NYC in just two short weeks. As a co-organizer of the event, I've been on the front lines and have received amazing answers from a variety of sources on that enormous central question. From diversity of those on Broadway stages to pricing models that diversify our Broadway audiences to investment in original content development, the passion and ideas that are swirling are simply inspiring.

But "Broadway" isn't simply an industry. It's part of a far greater ecosystem with stakeholders beyond just the art form and its financial success. This underlying truth is exactly why TEDxBroadway assembles voices from what on a first, superficial glance may seem like irrelevant professions (i.e., ...

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