‘Rover’ strays from post-apocalypse path

June 20, 2014 4:07 AM

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‘Rover’ strays from post-apocalypse path

From Aussie auteur David Michod of the revelatory, fact-based 2010 crime drama “Animal Kingdom” comes “The Rover.” It’s yet another near-future dys­topian tale, suggesting a mix of Jack London and Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road.” In opening scenes set “10 years after the collapse,” we meet unkempt and sun-burned Eric (Guy Pearce), a lone middle-aged man who has stopped at a roadhouse blaring Asian music for a drink, if there is one. In interwoven scenes, we see three armed desperados, one of them with a severe leg wound, racing­ down a highway. When these three men crash their truck and steal Eric’s dusty roadster, Eric gets their truck running again and follows in hot pursuit.

Hi-ho, “Road Warrior.” For all its end-of-the-world trappings and Australian outback wide-open spaces, “The Rover” is a modern-day Western about family loyalties. The wounded man, Henry (Texan Scoot McNairy of “Killing Them Softly”), is an American and the older brother of Rey (Robert Pattinson, spe...

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