ROV Team Surprise meeting with a Sperm Whale in Deep Sea

April 18, 2015 12:46 PM

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A meeting which was quite surprising happened between a sperm whale with a group of scientists who were in the ROV at depths of thousands feet beneath the sea. At first they thought that the whale was humpback whale, but then they saw that it was a sperm whale. This whale seemed as a scientist are investigating something. So close the distance between them so that scientists could see the texture of the whale’s nose with very clear. The meeting was recorded and has been uploaded to YouTube and managed to attract more than 1 million people. Sperm whale is one of the whale species that most widely hunted for its oil that can be used as raw materials of wax. This whale had been falling on the verge of extinction.

During their visit they met a strange visitor. At first one of the team members thought it was humpback whale but later on they identified it as a sperm whale. It was very much curious and wandered around the ROV many times. At times it came very close to the vehicle.

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