The Rothko Chapel and the Practice of Non-Doing

March 26, 2015 10:25 PM

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Eleven. That's the number of minutes people spend on any given work task before being interrupted. This statistic comes to us via the new discipline of "interruption science;" we need such a thing because our lives have become an ever-accelerating moving walkway, carrying us from one thing to another to the next. I am not old-fashioned about this sea change. I marvel at having the world a click away, love my iPhone and find a lot to embrace in this climate of mass information and exponential connectivity.

I also believe the sheer volume -- of information, of experience, of people to know or know of, of possibility -- can extinguish what makes us human if we don't bring significant attention to a seemingly parallel track where more is not more, where the only task is to let the non-essential dissolve....

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