Rolling Sky on the App Store

January 24, 2016 7:14 PM

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Rolling Sky on the App Store

Rolling Sky is difficult, satisfying, and overall an amazingly solid game. The only system built in to make you pay (lives) is lenient enough, with a wait timer of only two minutes for ten lives (although this doesn't stack). What I'd really like to see is this game on my computer - I would gladly pay $2-$5 for this on Steam, given it had a couple more levels and removed the lives system. Amazingly good for something on the App Store Featured page.

This app is a great game with fairly simple mechanics and pretty good graphics. I f you put Geometry dash, Smash Hit, and Temple run in a blender, this is what would come out. They give you ten balls (or chances) at a time, so you can't go on forever, which I think is nice, because otherwise I proba...

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