Rochester University Researchers Developed Hydrophobic Metal That Makes Water Bounce

January 21, 2015 4:41 PM

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If you think Ipx8 grade waterproofing is by now astonishing, get ready to lift up your jaw after seeing this new metal-etching method. Scientists at the University of Rochester has developed a laser-etching technique that makes what is presumably the most super hydrophobic sheet of metal on the planet. It’s hydrophobic to the point that water doesn’t just move off to one side when tilted at an angle. Water drops really bounce off frequently until they either drop off the edge.

Hydrophobic metals aren’t precisely new and we’ve seen their applications even in usual household supplies, such as non-stick frying pan. However, those pans still need to be tilted at a certain angle, such as 70 degrees, before moving off the surface. Also, since they simply use a chemical coating,...

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