Robin Williams -- The Secret Room

August 15, 2014 5:18 PM

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Last year, when I was dreadfully ill and (mistakenly) thought I was dying, I made up a sort of bucket list; I would reunite with my best friend from the Seventies. I would visit with my high school English teacher. I would try to reconnect with Robin Williams. I came back from the East Coast having accomplished the first two and noted Robin's July 21st birthday. He was sixty three -- and once again 'number shock' set in -- that symptomatic quantum of disbelief when the figures of life just don't add up. Especially for Robin, who worked very hard at maintaining his inner child.

He looked pretty good on "The Crazy Ones" but the title offended me; it was an unfortunately reflexive response to Robin's gifts. I myself had often been called crazy (for far less expressiveness) and countless times people had asked about my friend Mr. Williams, "He's crazy, isn't he?" I would alwa...

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