A Rise in Brain Levels of Alzheimer’s Protein Seen after Sleepless Nights

June 4, 2014 12:25 PM

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If you think losing a night’s sleep will not cause you and especially your body any harm in the long run, then you might just be sadly mistaken. In recent study conducted in the Netherlands shows that sleepless nights or even stressed sleep patterns could result in a rise in the brain levels of Alzheimer’s disease. So in essence it is not just whether you get sleep at night or not, even the quality of your sleep could have an effect on this protein.

According to this study the brain had seen an increase in levels of protein that make up structured tangles that are very distinct to Alzheimer’s disease after a night of little or no sleep. “We think normal healthy sleep helps reduce the amount of (amyloid) beta in the brain and if your sleep is di...

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