Revisiting The Bottom Line: An Interview With Allan Pepper, Plus Jon Regen and Sarah Jaffe Exclusives

April 21, 2015 2:03 PM

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"The title track of my new Motéma album is an example of how you just never know when and where a song will show up. In the fall of 2013, I had just finished performing on the London Jazz Festival when a friend of mine, noted British actor and recent Vivienne Westwood biographer Ian Kelly, invited me to a party at his London home. Ten minutes and numerous glasses of champagne after arriving, I bumped into the actor Jeremy Irons, who I have been a huge admirer of for many years. I told him, 'I'd love to take a photo with you, because like me, my Dad is also a huge fan of yours. He replied, 'I'll let you take a picture with me, if you play the piano for me.' And so, not wanting to disappoint a verified Academy Award-winning actor, we migrated over to the home's grand piano and I proceeded to get to work.

"After sitting down at the piano, my hands instinctively started playing a sort of New Orleans-style, blues vamp. Moment's later and without warning, Jeremy grabbed a cello that was hanging on a nearby wall and started playing it like an upright bass--you can see actual video footage from that jam s...

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