Review: Peter Turchi’s ‘A Muse and a Maze’

January 30, 2015 5:58 PM

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Review: Peter Turchi’s ‘A Muse and a Maze’

The playful title of Peter Turchi’s new book is a hint at what lies inside. A Muse and a Maze is about not only muses and mazes but also about what amuses and amazes us. Like his 2004 book Maps of the Imagination — an equally fascinating foray into the idea of writing as cartography — A Muse and a Maze is meant to “invite writers to think differently about what we do.” But there is plenty here for any curious reader.

This is a book about puzzles that also contains puzzles (there are answers in the back, for those transgressive readers who always skip to the last page). It is also about, among other things, literature reconceived as mystery and illusion. The book explores the work of writers — from Walt Whitman t...

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