Review: Peter Carey’s ‘Amnesia’

February 6, 2015 4:50 PM

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Review: Peter Carey’s ‘Amnesia’

Fugitives, cyber-hacking, corporate coverups, media leaks — Amnesia could be fresh from today’s headlines. But we are stepping off the standard thriller route to enter the wilds of Peter Carey territory. As in novels including Oscar and Lucinda, the first of Carey’s two Man Booker wins, and the dazzling Parrot and Olivier in America, Amnesia links two hapless characters thrown together by circumstance, in this case an imprisoned computer hacker who needs the truth to be told and the journalist who needs to tell it. But what is the truth and who owns it?

The novel’s narrator, Felix Moore is a faded leftist newsman who’s been sued — again — and slapped with defamation damages for a work he refers to as PANTS ON FIRE. Felix is “overweight and out of breath,” in debt and tossed out by his wife. He’s saved — maybe — by his bullying wheeler-dealer friend...

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