Review: 'Muppets Most Wanted' Is A Terrific Muppet Movie

March 18, 2014 3:54 PM

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The purpose of Walt Disney's Walt Disney's The Muppets was of course to reintroduce the Muppet franchise to today’s young moviegoers while hopefully getting older fans back on board. Ironically the first film played better to wistful parents than the would-be core kid audience (the adults were far more into it than the kids both times I saw it), which may have explained its somewhat front loaded domestic box office. The film opened over Thanksgiving weekend in 2011 with $41 million over five days but ended its domestic run with just $88 million. That’s the biggest ever for a Muppet movie not-adjusted for inflation, but it was (fair or not) considered slightly disappointing taking into account the superb reviews (including mine), the advance hype, and the strength of that initial Wed-Sun debut.

The good news is that the film cost just $45 million to produce and earned a $165m worldwide. A solid worldwide total, plus about $52 million in DVD/Blu-Ray sales, an Oscar for Best Original Song, and strong merchandising sales sealed the deal, and just over two years later, the Muppets are back. Wh...

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