Review, "Louie" season 5

April 7, 2015 1:01 PM

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Review, "Louie" season 5

One of the beauties of Louis CK’s Louie (returning April 9 on FX) has been that it allows itself to be whatever kind of show it needs to be. Does he have a funny story? Then it’s a comedy. Does he have a dramatic one? It’s a drama. It’s dirt-and-concrete realistic except when it’s nuttily surrealistic. There’s continuity unless something needs to happen and then be erased forever. If Louis CK has a story that needs five minutes to tell, that’s what he gives it; if he has a longer one, he’ll turn the show into a feature-length movie, as he essentially did twice last season.

In season 5–or the four episodes I was sent, because who knows after that–Louie is experimenting with being a weekly half-hour TV show. There are still continuing elements (Louie’s relationship with Pamela, for instance, carrying over from last season) and some short vignettes, but the episodes tell...

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