Review: Hawke is a broody monarch in ‘Macbeth’

November 22, 2013 2:17 AM

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Director Jack O’Brien (”The Nance,” ‘’Dead Accounts”) has set the Scottish tragedy amid appropriately dark, ominously towering walls, on a pitch-black stage engraved with a pentagram and other magical symbols that reflect the extensive presence of sorcery. Nightmarish lighting, discordant music and frequent haze envelop an excellent ensemble. Leathery battle costumes, elegant men’s frock coats, and simple gowns for the few ladies present add a timeless air.

Duff, making a triumphant American debut, is an exquisite Lady Macbeth. Generally gowned in white, in contrast to her character’s black soul, Duff expresses a range of emotions. She’s initially taut and steel-spined as Lady Macbeth hectors her malleable husband into murdering their king, then gamely...

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