Review: When Felicity Jones is the best part of 'True Story' we've got problems

January 24, 2015 9:45 PM

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PARK CITY — There is a moment in Rupert Goold's "True Story" that is truly captivating. After watching her husband be manipulated from afar, Jill Finkel (played marvelously by Felicity Jones), goes to meet accused murderer Christian Longo (James Franco) at the county jail where he's incarcerated. In less than five minutes Jill uses the tale of 16th century composer Carlo Gesualdo, who murdered his wife and baby in cold blood, to unmask Longo as the killer she knows he is and to make it clear his charade will only get so far as long as she's around. It's a moment that demonstrates how talented the current Oscar nominee for Best Actress is in what has been a thankless role up until his point in the film. It also underlines how frustrating a film "True Story" is that the best scene in the movie doesn't include star Jonah Hill and barely involves Franco.

Based on the memoir by Michael Finkel, "True Story" starts by depicting the circumstances that led to the dismissal of once famed reporter Finkel (Hill) from the venerable New York Times. Disgraced and unable to find work, Finkel gets a random call from an Oregon newspaper reporter who informs him t...

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