Review: Bradford Morrow’s ‘The Forgers’

November 14, 2014 2:28 PM

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Review: Bradford Morrow’s ‘The Forgers’

From its provocative opening line — “They never found his hands” — Bradford Morrow’s latest novel takes on a knowing, noirish tone, like a crime movie by the Coen brothers. The hands in question belong to Adam Diehl, a reclusive book collector who lived on the shore at Montauk, the eastern tip of Long Island. Diehl would seem to be a strange target for such a violent attack, but we soon learn he was also a forger.

The tabloids call the crime “the Manuscript Murder,” but overall don’t pay much attention to the case. Our narrator pays attention much longer, because he is also a book man, and he is dating Diehl’s sister, who runs a bookshop. He’s also a forger, and he becomes increasingly enmeshed in unraveling ...

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