Review: The Best Awful Movie Lies with ‘The Boy Next Door’

January 24, 2015 3:00 PM

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There is a fine line between a downright bad movie, and one that ultimately evokes positive feelings. The camp between these two descriptions is a mysterious and blurry one that not everyone will see or appreciate. The jargon “cult classic” or “camp film” is typically used to label such films. While some may deem that branding as a negative, overall the campy films are the ones that have a slow but steady life stream that can outlive those one hit “good time” films. Rob Cohen’s (The Fast and the Furious) latest film The Boy Next Door falls squarely into that wooded forest of special films with its goofy line deliveries, over the top thriller sequences, and underlying mythological parallels.

English teacher Claire Peterson (Jennifer Lopez) is dealing with a lot. Her husband Garrett (John Corbett) is trying to win her back after an affair stint with a woman in San Francisco. Her son Kevin (Ian Nelson) suffers from severe allergic reactions that require calm environments and close watch. ...

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