A Revenge So Gruesome

September 10, 2014 3:42 AM

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We’re on our way out of a dauntingly hot summer, but FX is putting us right back into the heat with the Season 7 premiere of the intensity-swamped Sons of Anarchy. Charming has always been a dangerous place, but it’s always had a fairly sane Jax Teller in its population. After Tara met her maker in the most brutal of Sons of Anarchy death scenes, Jax’s days of gameplanning and choosing rational life paths are over. He is running on fumes now, but it’s a lot of fumes, and everything around him always seems to be two seconds away from exploding into leather-clad pandemonium. Make sure you have a new thing of salt in your spice rack, because “Black Widower” has a few open wounds that need tending to.

When we first meet back up with our lowly hero, he’s beating the shit out of a guy in jail while wearing duct tape across his fists, while a cover of “Never My Love” plays, all so he can get in the good graces of Marilyn Manson’s Ron Tully, the head of the local Aryan Brotherhood chapter. (Okay, so ...

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