Revenge Season 4: Episode 20 recap, Victoria commits suicide?

April 20, 2015 8:37 PM

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First things first: in case you missed last week's brilliant Revenge, you can read our recap of Season 4: Episode 19 here. After exposing Emily and Nolan, Louise offers Victoria her help, much to Margaux's disgust, as Amanda goes to pay her respects to the real Emily Thorne at her grave. Meanwhile, Tony and Nolan are shopping for suits in an effort to put the finishing touch on Tony's fundraising campaign for his charity, growing ever closer in the process. Louise offers to take Victoria out to lunch, but while she's looking for the car, a masked attacker punches Victoria in the face before rifling through her handbag. It's implied it's Amanda, searching for Nolan's hard drive, but she fails to find it. Louise tells her to release her evidence, but Victoria refuses, saying it's what Amanda wants. A furious Margaux calls the FBI, telling Louise that she'll be taking care of Victoria from now on, before Nolan calls Amanda and tells her the duo plan to drop the bomb. In typical Emily fashion, Amanda disguises herself as a firefighter and picks the agent's pocket as the building is being evacuated, before heading to her father's. She tells him her vendetta is finally over, but David, pleased to see his daughter happy for the first time in years, neglects to tell her what he told Stevie several hours earlier: he's just been diagnosed with lymphoma. It's treatable, but he's set to begin an intensive course of chemotherapy that evening.

Louise shows up at Nolan and Tony's fundraising party hellbent on making life difficult for her former husband. Tony's employer stands shellshocked as she gaily points out that Tony's new suit cost more than the donation she just made to his foundation, before commenting that he's done well to find ...

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