Return of the Artisan?

October 26, 2014 3:39 PM

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Return of the Artisan?

The digital revolution in music has always had outspoken critics, be it against harsh digital sound, illegal downloads, or perhaps paltry revenue from streaming sites. Fortunately for dedicated listeners, some of these critics are also famous artists who seek to deliver a more engaging experience in an digital age of overwhelming quantity, but lackluster quality. HBO's new mini-series Sonic Highways follows the Foo Fighters as they make a new album in America's most revered recording studios. The "Ultra LP" version of Jack White's new album Lazaretto rethinks the way music is pressed on vinyl. But what about lesser-known artists who can't afford camera crews, large studios, or vinyl pressings? Is there a way for them to provide their audience with the same experience?

John Roccesano, known to friends as Johnny Rock, is a 32-year-old drummer and project studio owner in northern New Jersey. His new album, Johnny Rock & Friends: For The Record, takes an ensemble cast of unsigned talent and gets them into the grooves of a full length LP. The album was recorded and mi...

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