ReThink Review: Young Ones -- Praying for Rain in the Sci-Fi West

October 17, 2014 11:15 AM

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One of life's great joys is when you stumble on a movie you've never heard of or even seen an ad for that surprises and impresses on every level, a feat made even more remarkable for having been achieved on a small budget. Jake Paltrow's film is a film like that, and I'll go ahead and guess that you probably haven't heard of it either, unless you followed 2014's Sundance Film Festival. Though if you did, you might've come across the mostly middling to negative reviews has unfairly earned so far. But having read those reviews, I'm honestly pretty surprised at how badly they seem to miss the point of this beautiful, quietly epic film, focusing too much on the film's science fiction and near-future aspects instead of its powerful, enduring themes that evoke everything from Shakespeare and Greek tragedy to Westerns and literature of the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl.

takes place in an unnamed Western state in a not-so-distant future that is so not-so-distant that it closely resembles what is happening throughout the American West today as extreme drought reshapes the physical, emotional, and political landscape. Those who could escape the drought have left, leav...

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