ReThink Review -- Exodus: Gods and Kings -- Whitewashing Gets Biblically Bizarre

December 12, 2014 1:11 PM

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Most of the news around Ridley Scott's Moses epic has centered around the fact that all of the film's main characters, who are supposed to portray Egyptians and Hebrews, are played by white people while non-white actors are relegated to playing servants, thieves, and non-speaking roles. While I care about whitewashing, I was more interested in seeing whether could surpass , the fantastic 1998 animated retelling of the Moses story that, despite my being an atheist, moves me to tears every time and is in my top three animated films ever. But as I watched , I found myself not thinking so much about animation or institutional racism, but how balls-out bizarre really is.

To quickly summarize, the Exodus story involves Moses, a member of Egypt's royal family, learning that he's actually the son of Hebrew slaves. Moses eventually flees Egypt and starts a family in another land. But after an encounter with God in the form of a burning bush, Moses, backed by God's power...

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