Restoring the Heart and Art of Medicine

July 18, 2014 4:17 PM

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Restoring the Heart and Art of Medicine

The Latin root of the word doctor is docere, which means to "teach." Indeed, the heart of medicine is one of educating and otherwise guiding patients on the path of wellness. To this end, the art of medicine is delivering the knowledge of health in a way that itself activates the healing response mechanism. Who among us, after all, has not felt better, just knowing that someone cares about our condition and is doing something to help us? To the contrary, who has not felt worse when our complaints have been dismissed or ridiculed or when our efforts to get better have been otherwise impeded?

Over the past century, medicine has made tremendous strides in accurately diagnosing and effectively treating acute conditions. Illnesses like smallpox -- which once wiped out masses of people -- are no longer a threat, thanks to vaccines, and conditions like appendicitis are no longer fatal, thanks...

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