Resonance and Memory: The Essence of Landscape

December 19, 2014 10:28 PM

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It is difficult to pinpoint the exact date the landscape became a primary subject for artists. Wikipedia places the earliest "pure landscape," which is a work of art that has an outdoor setting with no people depicted, sometime around 3,500 years ago in the frescoes of Minoan Greece. For argument's sake, let's say the landscape was and still is an essential part of most any era and its associated arts and culture. The biggest change we are seeing today with the contemporary artist's approach to the landscape is how they relate this time-tested type to some sort of political statement, while other artists see it as a way to express the land's power and beauty. Some see the genre as a springboard for abstraction and fantasy while still others have a more analytical view of nature's subtleties.

The current exhibition at Elga Wimmer PCC Resonance and Memory: The Essence of Landscape features the work of eight contemporary artists who put forth a wide range of 'landscape' possibilities. Kathleen Elliot is a sculptor who works primarily with glass. Her art often falls into the category of fan...

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