Researchers Say That CO2 Was Present in Venus’s Ocean Surface

January 1, 2015 10:31 AM

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Accept it or not as day by day we are getting to know well our universes, as the researches are finding great info about our planets and surroundings that can amaze us instantly. The Venus’s is not much far away from the earth had once oceans that had abundant amount of the CO2 into it, it is also now being estimated that it has environment just like of the earth in the early time, but due to changing in it atmosphere it has crafted its current shape now. It is also estimated that the presses of this liquid is responsive for it composition now.

Although Venus is currently unbearably hot and dry, it might have once had oceans like Earth. Prior research suggested that Venus possessed enough water in its atmosphere in the past to cover the entire planet in an ocean about 80 feet deep (25 meters) — if all that water could somehow fall down as ...

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