Researchers have found Venus may have Liquid Carbon Dioxide Awash in Ocean

December 31, 2014 5:09 PM

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According to a new study the planet Venus may have strange ocean sometimes filled with liquid Carbon Dioxide. The researchers believe that the planets harsh conditions may have been shaped by this CO2 filled oceans. The lead author of the study Dima Bolmatov said, “Presently, the atmosphere of Venus is mostly carbon dioxide, 96.5 percent by volume”. The researchers are suggesting that millions of years ago a combination of extreme temperature and atmospheric pressure may have created this kind of CO2 which is capable of dissolving materials like liquid and sometimes can flow like gas. The researchers are now conducting some new research where they are trying to discover how the superficial carbon dioxide shifts between gas and liquid.

Experts say atmospheric pressure on the surface of Mars is 90 times than the earth. But they also believe that the pressure might have been much more, which may have created the liquid carbon dioxide. Bolmatov said, “The extreme atmospheric pressure on the surface of Venus could be one reason for th...

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