Researchers to drill massive Mexican crater to find out what killed dinosaurs

April 14, 2015 9:06 PM

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Researchers are trying to figure out exactly what happened to dinosaurs when the massive crater struck Earth that ultimately caused their demise. While the theory has existed for a long time, it has been a long-standing question about the circumstances that followed, which would have led to their demise. Ultimately, what scientists are going to try and learn is what actually happened, beyond the initial impact of the asteroid. The Chicxulub crater is what will be getting opened up to determine what might have caused the failing of an entire population of creatures – but it would stand to reason at this point that anything is possible.

One of the likely scenarios is that the climate was altered in such a way that the dinosaurs simply couldn’t survive any longer. However, scientists are trying to understand what would have happened in the process to create a situation where extinction would have been the only plausible scenario. So...

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