Research states Lung cancer happens only to smokers is a misconception

November 16, 2014 9:00 AM

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Lung cancer, which has been the top most reason for cancer deaths in women happens to non-smokers too. The researchers stated that the women in age 20-30 are being affected the most, and a huge percentage of them are non-smokers. The fact that the disease also happens to non-smokers is over-shadowed by the age old stigma that it can only and only happen to those who smoke heavily. For this very reason, it doesn’t receive as high amount of research funding as other cancer types do.

Lung cancer takes many more lives that breast or prostate or even colon cancers. It in fact takes more lives than all the cancers put together do. “One of the big problems is there is such a big association in the public’s mind between smoking and lung cancer,” said Dr. Lecia Sequist, a medical onco...

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