Research Indicates Gene Duplication Can Cause Gigantism

December 5, 2014 4:22 PM

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Researchers at the U.S. National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) indicate that gigantism is accompanied by a tumor in the pituitary gland, for some people, which results in the secretion of an additional growth hormone. For other people, though, the condition is simply set off by an oversized pituitary gland. The condition is generally characterized by rapid growth which results in abnormal height and abnormal hand and fee size. It could also delay puberty.

“Gigantism is a disease in childhood that is characterized by excessive growth, resulting from an excess of growth hormone production [by the pituitary gland],” as explained by Cohen Children’s Medical Center pediatric endocrinologist, Dr. Patricia Vuguin, of New Hyde Park, New York. She continues, ...

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