The Remarkable Secret of Reflection

August 8, 2014 7:25 PM

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As I prepare to celebrate another birthday, I always take time for personal reflection. I believe reflection is one of the greatest tools for personal development and dream fulfillment. Many people see getting older with a negative perspective. However, they fail to realize that each year of life brings new wisdom, experiences and discoveries that all empower us to become the greatest versions of ourselves. I look forward to this time of reflecting because it awakens me to all the truths that have shaped and transformed my life. Reflection is not just taking a look down memory lane. Reflection is a mirror that allows me to look within myself. Reflection is an opportunity to look within and discover limitless wisdom, contemplate decisions and ponder your path. Reflection is a powerful tool that has revolutionized my life and revealed the riches of my inner world. Reflection has empowered me to achieve success.

1. Reflective meditation has always centered me. Over the years, I have had moments where I could have crumbled under the weight of the pressures of life. However, in those moments I find myself retreating to a place of reflective meditation. I find myself becoming still and silencing situations and...

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