Reflections on free will and faith

April 12, 2015 4:15 AM

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I was standing in line ready to pay for my gas, when I heard the young woman telling the gentleman in front of me that he had a free will. She said, “God didn’t tell us that we could not smoke.” The man paid for his cigarettes and was on his way. My comment to her was “Having a free will really tells us how much God respects us.” I paraphrase her reply, “It is very difficult when the temptation is so large. Having to turn away from something when you want it so much can tell you a lot about who you are.” I was amazed by her wisdom and complemented her.

That encounter in the gas station gave me so much food for thought. We’ve just passed the Easter season, when we give thought to Jesus Christ as he experienced his last hours on this earth, hours that were filled with sorrow and pain. We reflected on him in the garden when he prayed to have the expe...

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