Reflections on Building a Resilient Self

November 12, 2014 9:02 PM

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Growing up poor was one element I overcame through obtaining my higher educational degrees and establishing a healthy career. Growing up in physical abuse took another toll and was a much longer process to overcome. When it came to rebuilding broken relationships and creating new-found experiences of my own, especially with my little family, it became an endeavor I took on daily. As an adult survivor of abuse, I found that if I leveraged my strengths and managed my potential limiters, I could open up new lines of communication with family that was not existent. Further, I conceded that I needed to train my brain to consider that there were times I needed to listen to family, who I, too may have hurt through my own miscommunication. Thus, I began to utilize personal intervention. This enabled me to hit my internal "pause" button to listen and think about what is being said to me, as well as hit the internal "play" button to speak and take action in varying situations when deemed necessary and appropriate.

Tugade and Fredrickson (2004, p. 331) summarized, " ...through exploration and experimentation, in time (resilient individuals) may be able to build an arsenal of effective coping resources that help buffer (psychologically and physiologically) against negative emotional life experiences."

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