Recovery With a Laugh Track

November 11, 2014 8:57 PM

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Recovery With a Laugh Track

Sitcoms about alcoholics and addicts are not the norm for network TV, with the majority of substance abuse-themed storylines relegated to such envelope-pushing cable skeins as Showtime's Nurse Jackie and AMC's Breaking Bad. In Mainstream TV Land, humor and drugs are generally thought to go together about as well as a shot of tequila and a hit of heroin, which, of course, undercuts the truth about addiction, which is that so many who struggle have their senses of humor intact, and keenly so.

Without keeping their wits about them, most recovering addicts would be dead. Step into any 12-step meeting and you'll find that these are rooms flush with self-effacing -- and, yes, uplifting and edifying -- humor. You could make a case that nobody laughs at their foibles and flaws like an addict. ...

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