Recipe for a Flawless Chocolate Mousse

March 6, 2015 7:06 PM

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Recipe for a Flawless Chocolate Mousse

I HAVE A FRIEND who makes her (inedible, by the way) chocolate mousse with Reddi-wip. I don’t see the point. The real thing is so easy to throw together and represents elegant simplicity itself. One upfront caveat, however: Because this mousse contains so few ingredients, using really good chocolate and very fresh cream is mandatory.

This particular recipe for the decadent chocolate-pudding-for-grown-ups—enlivened with espresso and a hit of Cognac, dark rum or Kahlua—is super silky and long on flavor. Another selling point: It’s a make-ahead; you can check dessert off the list in advance and get on with preparing and serving (an...

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