Recasting the avengers!

March 20, 2015 10:04 AM

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Well, the sad truth is that the Avengers at some point will have to be recasted. I hope that it is in such a way that avoids a reboot...Can we magically make Tony Stark young again? That happens in the comics you know? Tony dies so they go back in time and snatch up a young Stark. Even if they do this in the films they will undoubtedly have to recast the role. Well, facing the inevitable here are my two cents of who should take the prize roles.

If any of you question my judgement are utterly wrong. This guy can deliver some major performances and loves the sci fi genre. He auditioned for Star Lord and though he didn't get it he should still have the chance to join the MCU someday. With movies like Looper and Inception under his ...

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