Recap: The Walking Dead Episode 5.02, Strangers

October 20, 2014 2:21 PM

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The majority of the first half of this episode was rather talky. Tyreese wants Carol to explain to Rick why she killed those sick at the prison - but she doesn't need to explain about the girls. He wants to forget himself. Frankly, I am surprised no one has asked about Mika and Lizzie. I guess they just assumed the worst happened and they don�t want to think about it. Abraham cryptically tells Rosita that "we are waiting for the right moment" after they watch Michonne smush a walker's head in. Carol and Rick make amends, and since he sent her "away to this" he asks if they can join her. She agrees. Later, while Carol and Daryl are keeping watch, he hears something. He decides it is nothing, but the music says otherwise. In the morning, Daryl tells Rick that he didn't see anything, it was more that he felt someone watching them.

The plan is to head north, stick to the road, and hope they find a car along the way. Barely on the way, the group hears cries for help. It is at Carl's urging that they answer the call. In the woods, they find a minister cowering on a boulder, screaming for help, while a few walkers try to drag him...

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