Recap: 'The Newsroom,' Season 3, Episode 4, 'Contempt'

December 1, 2014 1:21 PM

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Here's the deal with Aaron Sorkin, at least when it comes to "The Newsroom." When the screenwriter attempts to be funny, throwing screwball antics into his sober drama about the American media, it brings the show to a grinding halt. Over the show's first two seasons, and with each entry in the truncated final third, this has been in evidence time and time again, and in this week's "Contempt," the clash between clunky humor and compelling drama is all the more pronounced, as "The Newsroom" is looking more and more like it will be going out on a familiarly flawed footing rather than with the punch the first couple of episodes promised.

Case in point is the introduction of a subplot involving Wyatt Geary (Keith Powell), ACN's new HR VP, who makes it a personal mission to prove that Don (Thomas Sadoski) and Sloan (Olivia Munn) are in a relationship. So what has been the purpose of this time consuming endeavor? One that is already po...

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