Recap: Broad City s02e01 “Mochalatta Chills”

January 15, 2015 2:42 PM

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It’s 101 degrees in the city and, after a cold open subway adventure from hell, Abbi’s date Male Stacey (Seth Rogen) passes out during sex (Ilana: Dude, did you… finish? Abbi: God, I raped him, dude! I, I raped male Stacey! I’m a monster.”), she and Abbi goe on a mission to procure an air conditioner. Abbi’s ongoing Bed Bath & Beyond obsession is cast in a whole new light when we see her in her natural habitat and she seems to have a personal, dance-move/handshake-based relationship with the manager of every section of the store. As crazy as this sounds, it makes so much sense.

Of course the AC unit they buy is stolen off the street and the misadventures to find a suitable used one begin. Luckily, this particular misadventure in no way features Fred Armisen in a diaper, however it does feature a lot of weed and a group of college kids – one of whom Abbi tries to seduce unt...

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