What Really Happens When Two or More Agree?

January 16, 2015 7:51 PM

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Are we sometimes uncomfortable about what people are telling us, and rather than saying so, we listen without complaint rather than say what we're really feeling just not to make waves? Might we be allowing a wrong to take place by not speaking up? An example might be when someone complains about their spouse's behavior and nearly everyone in the room says, "I wouldn't take that!" Or, "You are deserving of so much more!" Or, "You deserve to be happy!" Meanwhile, everyone knows that this complaining person has already set their eyes on a new horizon. And they now have support and encouragement from the whole group or audience, which makes it so much easier to decide to separate from their spouse. I believe that this is exactly what happens when we fail to speak up in any conversations that we don't feel quite right about or disagree with the general consensus. We've all had that gut feeling that we might have brought about a positive result if only we had defended someone we know to be a kind-hearted soul who was unjustly criticized.

But the good news is that moment of power, when we can bring truth and love back to the conversation, is now. And this takes us being honest for the sake of everyone involved. This is what I believe brings us health and happiness. Because the same thing applies when we are in agreement over a conver...

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