Real Women Have Back Fat | Stacie Huckeba

January 15, 2015 3:12 PM

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Real women have back fat. Real women also don't have an ounce of back fat. Real women, in fact, have all kinds of curves and wrinkles and pockets and lines. Every single body is different and has its own flaws and perfections, the result of a complex play of socioeconomic factors, heredity, health issues, lifestyle choices and a myriad of combinations of those factors. Women, just like men, come in every imaginable shape and size.

While none of this is big news, the thing that has me worked up at the moment is the double standard when it comes to weight and gender. Women get fat-shamed for the slightest bulge, pudge or cosmetic imperfection, while men get beer commercials and sitcoms. It's not only accepted, but expected that...

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