The Real Reason You Hate the Gym (And What To Do About It)

July 23, 2014 2:01 PM

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Every time you have a tip-of-the-tongue moment or forget to buy milk, let this be a reminder -- to go for a power walk. In a six-month study at the University of British Columbia, older women who exercised aerobically had markedly better memories -- recalling more words and items in tests -- than control groups that lifted weights, toned or didn’t exercise. The regimen: 40 minutes of walking, twice weekly, working up to 70-80 percent of the target heart rate for their age. (Find yours here.)

Another thing to do before a workout: get your flu shot. Exercise may double its potency, as it did for volunteers in an Iowa State University study led by kinesthesiologist Marian Kohut. Those who jogged or rode bikes for 90 minutes post-jab had twice the antibody response a month later compared to...

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