Rare Red Colobus Monkey Photogrpahed by Researchers

April 20, 2015 10:34 AM

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The red colobus monkey were thought to be extinct as there were no trace of them for years but a few researchers changed the view. They photographed the monkey in a national park in February. Red colobus monkeys hae different species but scientists are just familiar with the ones they have found by now. These monkeys don’t get afraid of humans and whenever humans get close to them, they start observing them closely.

“We’re very pleased indeed that Lieven and Gaël were able to achieve their objective of not only confirming that Bouvier’s red colobus still exists, but also managing to get a very clear close-up picture of a mother and infant,” Fiona Maisels, of the Wildlife Conservatory Society (WCS), said in a pr...

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