RANDY BLYTHE: 'I Don't Think DAVE BROCKIE Was A Stone-Cold Junkie When He Died'

June 4, 2014 1:49 AM

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"Here's me with Dave Brockie and Brad Roberts of GWAR in 2006. Brad and I are still here, but Dave is gone — accidental heroin overdose, as many of you heard today. Not that it really matters, because dead is dead, but I don't think Brockie was a stone-cold junkie when he died — he couldn't have done all that he did if he was strung out. He partied hard at periods, but I think he was more of a drug dabbler. But there's a lesson here — dabbling with drugs kills people dead every day, just like being fully addicted does.

"I am so fucking sick of my friends dying from alcohol and drugs. Really, really, tired of it. Some of them die slow in the throes of addiction and some of them die after just doing something stupid one night after a party. Some of them fuck around and fuck around and fuck around… 'I'll get sober on...

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