Rachel Lee Hovnanian's Genetically Modified Dystopia

September 26, 2014 5:39 PM

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Rachel Lee Hovnanian's Genetically Modified Dystopia

Enter Rachel Lee Hovnanian's Perfect Baby Showroom and you'll find a sterile laboratory-like room where you can choose a perfect plastic baby. Nine realistic looking infant prototypes sit in incubators with pillows stuffed with fruity cereal. They are the size and weight of a typical newborn baby, and were given names like "The Chris" and "The Morgan." These names correspond to hashtags on Instagram that map out the infants' flawless futures-they all become successful doctors, artists, Fulbright scholars, and Tour de France winners.

Knowing these fictional babies' futures instantly comments on the consumer's need for immediate gratification. Genetically engineered babies seem almost a product of a dystopian future. Yet, increasingly our culture relies on manufacturing products that are both genetically modified and instantly gr...

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