Public Health Lessons from Ebola in 2014

December 23, 2014 7:37 PM

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Public health has seldom had a spotlight year like 2014. Indications that the Ebola outbreak is stabilizing in Guinea and Liberia are an encouraging sign that even in the poorest parts of the world, public health science can rescue nations. Through the United States' more fleeting experience with Ebola, public health demonstrated how a threat can be contained. Sadly, in Sierra Leone, factors that include poverty, traditional burial practices, and Ebola's staggering contagiousness, require that we expand public health's reach to battle an epidemic that continues to expand.

As we steel ourselves to keep combatting this crisis, it's important to highlight the public health lessons learned over 2014. Such crucial lessons will be critical for nations, health systems, and donors to embrace as Ebola evolves and other challenges emerge in 2015.

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