Pseudoscience: Great for Business... But Not Much Else!

July 25, 2014 4:06 PM

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Pseudoscience: Great for Business... But Not Much Else!

A quick study of cable TV uncovers numerous programs purporting to use scientific techniques to uncover bizarre twists in history. Although card-carrying archeologists have long-since passed judgment on these ideas and moved on to far more interesting issues, pseudoarcheologists keep these ideas alive because (1) they sell books and bring in sightseers, (2) people are fascinated by the way they represent underdog ideas that "threaten" the establishment, (3) most people have no clue what scientific research is really all about, and (4) people view all scientists as equivalent experts on a given topic.

For example, the cable series America Uncovered identifies the investigator as a forensic geologist whose motto is "Sometimes history is not what we have been told." Apparently he has a degree from RPI in chemical engineering, which is not a relevant knowledge base for being an archeologist any more...

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