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December 17, 2014 6:35 AM

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Afghanistan, the landlocked Hindu Kush state, has been used as a proxy playground by its immediate nighbours as well as international power players for a long time. Commonly known as ‘The Great Game’, the 19th century witnessed a strategic rivalry and confrontation between Victorian Britain and Czarist Russia for establishing supremacy in Central Asia. After the Saur Revolution in Afghanistan, the Soviet Army entered Afghanistan to promote its own brand of communism there in 1979. To counter this communist onslaught on Afghanistan, the US intervened under the so-called Reagan Doctrine. Consequently, this region has been a ‘hot spot’ of the Cold War for almost a decade. During this war, the Afghans were equally exploited by both the Communist and the Free World. After the withdrawal of Soviet troops in 1988, Afghanistan was pushed again towards the worst kind of civil war, with all its six neighbouring countries, along with the US and Russia, aggressively trying to extend their influence within it by supporting the Afghan warlords of their choice.

Pakistan actively participated in the whole Afghan Jihad as a frontline state. However, like Afghanistan’s other neighbours, it has also failed in positively contributing much towards the peace and stability of Afghanistan after the Soviet withdrawal. Abandoning its apparent resolve of supporting th...

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