Pros and cons

July 4, 2014 1:37 PM

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Pros and cons

About the time the first Transformers movie was released, if you’d asked me what I thought of Optimus Prime, I’d have thought you were referring to a mathematical variable. A few movies in, I was slightly more clued in. About Transformers – Dark of the Moon, I wrote, “After the third instalment in the Transformers series, I think I’m a little clearer about the mythos. There’s a red car and a yellow car which transform into good robots with blue eyes and wage war with bad robots which are made from black cars and which have red eyes.”

Now, I’ve seen the fourth film (it’s called Age of Extinction, but there’s no prospect of that for this super-profitable series), and I’m still wondering how anyone can summon up any affection for all this metal-clanging mayhem, which goes on for nearly three hours. In the screening I attended, the ...

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